Frisson is a French word meaning a moment of intense excitement, a thrill; a word which aptly describes our story and philosophy.  Thirty years ago, our son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. As any parent would, we sprang into action, getting involved in fundraising events to support research into the disease. It was our love of fine wine and food that led us to chair wine gala dinners, where we had the privilege of meeting famed winemakers and chefs. Some of these became friends, and over the course of years and conversations, we gradually began to dream of owning our own winery.  

 Ultimately, we made our way to Napa Valley, one of the great wine and food regions of the world. One evening we met a winemaker who shared our philosophy and vision – to make truly fine wines that exemplify the energy of the New World, honed with the sophistication of the Old World approach. We took that scary first step and our Frisson began! 




Paul Colantuoni, our wine-maker, has spent much of his life between the US and Europe, his roots being Italian, and his winemaking style is the perfect mix of Old World finesse and New World exuberance. “My goal is to make charismatic wines with lots of flavor and aromatics, without sacrificing elegance,” he explains. “I try to make wines that are very intense and expressive, but they must also be balanced and authentically convey the character of the vineyards.”